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HC questions govt’s health-care schemes

Daily Kashmir Images 2017-11-08 05:30:00

Asks it to furnish relevant info on next hearing

Srinagar, Nov 07: The J&K High Court today directed the government to provide details on the implementation of various provisions of law and the schemes undertaken for health-care of people in the state.

Justices M Y Mir Mir and A M Magrey directed the government through its counsel to respond by next date of hearing on the issues raised in a petition on the “degraded” health-care system in the state.

The petitioner says that despite the regulatory provisions (Indian Medical Council Act and other laws), it is invariably noticed that no medical records are being maintained by the physicians pertaining to their indoor patients.

He says that the physicians while writing their prescriptions do not display their registration number and do not prescribe the drugs in their generic names, adding that on the contrary the drugs are prescribed in the brand names of various pharmaceutical companies.

This, according to the petitioner, results the drugs not being available to the consumers on uniform rates, besides leading to corrupt, dishonest and unethical conduct by the doctors.

It said the doctors in lieu of prescribing drugs under brand names of the companies receive gifts, gratuity, commissions and other pecuniary benefits and betray the trust and duty towards their patients.

The official stance submitted before the court claims that various steps in the field of medical treatment and care have been taken, but the report lacks any credible evidence, observed the court.

The court further observed that the official respondents have not indicated the details of implementation of free drug policy or as to when the free diagnostics policy is to be implemented in the peripheral health institutions.

It said that for administering the diagnostic policy, each basic health centre at the block level in the State has been provided with ultrasonic machines by making huge investments adding “for operations of such machines, no technically qualified staff has been provided”.

In the absence of such staff, the machines are operated by unqualified technicians, which has its own direct impact on the quality of the reports of health status of the patients, resulting in forcing the patients to opt for the relevant tests from the open market, it said.

The court could not find any details of the prescription audit in the official status report or as to what is the status of its implementation.

The respondents have not disclosed the progress on the count of Jan Aushadi Scheme or Janini Shishu Suraksha Kariyakarum, and that what is the description and quality of the diet provided, nor indicated any details of free drugs and consumable, free diet and free blood and free transport schemes both to the mother and infant, nor have they indicated any details of laudable policy of Rashtriya Bal Swathya Karikaram under National Health Mission, court observed.

There are reports that no funds or medicines are available for the programme at various hospitals, said the petitioner.

The court found that the official report has referred to setting up of J&K MPCL, without disclosing its budget and quality of medicines and scheme of supplies of drugs to the hospitals. The respondents have as well not indicated ay details of health insurance under Rashtriya Swasthya Bima Yojana, covering BPL category of the population.

It expressed its dismay that although the pricing of stents has been regulated, but there are no details of its implementation.