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Julie 2 all set for release without cuts!

SocialPost 2017-11-08 17:34:25

Many would have noticed the most raunchy and sexy trailer featuring Raai Laxmi in a striptease fantasy movie,

Julie 2. The movie makers claim that the film is more about the journey of an upcoming actress who is stripped of her values by Men in order to make her successful.

The film is said to be talking about the age-old subject of harassment in the workplace and that too for an enthusiastic girl who wants to excel in the Film Industry. It is tagged as a bold move by the makers and the trailers suggest except for showing their lead actress fully nude frontal they have gone on strip her and give her as little clothes as possible.

Raai Laxmi maintained that the movie is not about the hot body but she needed to reduce her weight to show up in bikinis. But the release of the movie became a question mark when the filmmaker N.R. Pachisia, decide to go to court against the makers Deepak Shivdasani and CBFC ex-chief, Pahlaj Nihalani, claiming that he owns the rights to remake the movie and it is illegal for these people to make the movie.

High Court of Mumbai took the case, bit as it is taking too long, the case as been settled outside on the advice of the court. The filmmaker, Deepak Shivdasani shared this with world through social media and credit Jesus for the victory.

The movie has been passed out of Censor board with no cuts and an ‘A’ certificate. Movie is now slated to release on 24th November. Soon, the promotional activities of the movie will start. It is irony that the Pahlaj Nihlani who started the strict sanskari slogan for Film censorship, presenting this hot and raunchy thriller!