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Microsoft rolls out update for ‘Continue on PC’ for iPhones

Deccan Chronicle 2017-11-09 13:43:00

Microsoft has rolled out a new update for its ‘Continue to PC’ app for iOS. The app brings iPhone and Windows 10 in sync, and given company’s interest on non-Microsoft platforms, it comes as no surprise it is rolling out updates in regular intervals.

Users can update the app to version 1.1.2, which brings a slew of improvements for iOS users and unnamed bug fixes that will contribute to smoother experience.

The app also comes with a new app icon and the updated tutorial to make it easier for the users. It enables users to discover what each feature does without having to spend much time on exploring the available options.  

Users should take note that the app only works with Windows 10 Fall Creators Update, so if you haven’t received the update yet and you are still using the Creators Update, then you’ll have to wait until version 1709 is up and running.

Using the app is also quite easy and it only takes few minutes to configure the app. Users have to pair their phones with Windows 10 device from Settings > Phone where the company will send a verification code to the smartphone. The notification also includes a link to direct the users to Google Store to install the Continue on PC app.

Once the app is installed, whenever you are browsing the web and want to continue the same session on your PC, simply tap the sharing button in the Safari browser and tap the option that reads ‘Continue on PC.’

Afterwards, users will receive a notification on their PC and the browsing session be ready in the action centre. Simply click the pop up and the website you surfing on your phone should be loaded.