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5 Most Widely Used Coffee Beans Around The World

Lifeberrys 2017-11-09 16:47:33
Pinki Thu, 09 Nov 2017 4:47 PM

Many people drink mass produced coffee either in instant form or percolated but the real coffee lovers choose their beans carefully and amongst those, many think of Kopi Luwak and Civet Coffee as being the among the best for their medicinal value. There are many good coffee beans though and these are perhaps the top 5 most popular coffee beans in the world.

# Tanzania Peaberry

Grown on the highland slopes of Mt. Kilimanjaro, this coffee is renowned for its fruity taste, with hints of blackcurrant seeping through. The coffee has a medium body and is said to be at its best when half roasted, as then it has a fruity aroma.

# Arabian Mocha Coffee

This coffee has an exotic blend and possesses a wonderful wilderness flavor with its intense taste.

# Indonesian Java Arabica Coffee Beans

These beans came about by accident after a ship from Java landed ion the old city of Mocha. This, the resultant coffee is said to have a rich vibrancy to its taste.

# Kenya Coffee Beans

Grown on the plateaus of Mt. Kenya, this is widely thought to be the best of the sweet and fruity African coffees. The best of these beans are supposedly the Kenya AA beans which are grown at a certain height.

# Sulawesi Coffee Beans

This is thought by many, to be the best coffee in the world. Coming from the high mountain areas these beans have a mix of chocolate and fruit in their taste. Singling out the best of these beans, many seek the Sulawesi Toraja which provides a rustic sweetness when dark roasted. Processed by a ‘wet-hull’ method these beans become chaff less green, which is thought as, as one of its gourmet qualities.