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Can you forget - The Great Escape

Vino world 2017-11-09 17:01:00

The Great Escape, one of the most prominent films in the films released from Prison Breaking - the escape from prison. This was a 1963 American film based on real events.

In 1947, the exclusive jail in Germany is bringing prisoners from the UK, the US and Australia to various countries. All of them tried to escape from various jails. Killers in the art of escape. That is why they have been transferred to this exclusive jail.

Some people are trying to escape the first day of the imprisonment. But the German authorities easily find it. Two of them are locked in solitary confinement for their actions.

Roger Bartlett is also sentenced to prison. He was the leader of many jail escapades. He is being warned that he will be killed if he wants to escape another.

Since all prisoners are military officers, there is no major control. House Arrest. Prisoners gather together on the day of Bartlett. Simultaneously, Tom, Dick and Harry conclude that the three mines are digging. Even if the authorities find a mine, one can escape through another. Danny, a 16-year-old miner, begins to dig the first mine.

The Great Escape The interesting picture. Tunneling is not easy. There are many practical difficulties.

1. No need to make a noise during the tunnel. Do not ask the authorities even if it comes

2. Remove the dirt mud. It should happen to the authorities not knowing ...

3. They're Germany. So it's not enough to escape. To get out of Germany, train ticket, ID card, civilian clothes, passport, etc.

Interestingly, how they deal with such challenges is interestingly illustrated in the film.

Only 76 of the 250 escape people can escape. Why is that

50 of the 76 people are shot dead. How is that

How did only 23 survivors return to jail again?

The answer to these questions is a further thriller of the film.

On the basis of the true story, the film will be shot with a few adventures for commercial success in the film.

This film is still a milestone in Briston Breaking Movies.

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