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Only 12 rupees raised the kingdom of 6 thousand crore

rajksharma 2017-11-09 17:09:21

You must have heard the stories of success of many great billionaires. But today the person we are talking about is counted among the big businessmen of Surat. These people are Savjibhai Dholakiya. His story is so amazing, incredible, unimaginable that you will be surprised even aware.

Savjibhai is a living example of the person coming to the summit from zero. He is a resident of Dudhala village of Amreli district. Read in class 4 Savjibhai went out of Surat from his village in 1977 with just Rs. 12.5. These rupees were also finished in paying the bus fare.

Running from home, he worked at a factory in Surat for only 179 rupees per month. At that time, he used to save Rs. 39 after spending 140 rupees in food and drink.

Learned to rub a diamond from a friend, worked for the diamond rubbing for about 10 years and gradually the business started moving forward. Dholakia's Hari Krishna Diamond Company's turnover was only 1 crore in 1991, which has increased to 6000 crore today.

The company in which he used to work has become the owner of the same company. They are diamond and textile industries, and more than 5500 employees work here.

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