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This is the history of Yoga Guru Baba Ramdev

Good News 2017-11-09 17:09:55


Swami Ramdev, who was known as baba ramdev,was born on 2 december 1965 in alipura of mahendergarh district of haryana.His mother's name was gulabo devi and the father's name was ramnivas yadav.His childhood name was ramkrishna yadav.he started studying in gurukul after 8th class and here he has started an ascetic life.Initially,they used to yoga teach free to the village's people.they got their special identity from joining through the aastha channel in 2003,he started spreading yoga in the country.because of this,their supporters have also increased.Baba Ramdev also founded the Divya Yoga Temple.
2.Declaration of baba ramdev's wealth

Baba Ramdev had his declared property and there are still many questions standing on it.According to baba ramdev and his colleague balkrishna,all the money has been asked to donate,but property has not been disclosed.Both said that all our records are clear therefore, it is not right to have any source:internet, some news chnnel,newspaper.

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