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Send money on FB and prepare for breaking news feature

Saras 24 News 2017-11-09 18:39:12

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Social media giant Facebook is not just a social media, it's just like a one-stop shop. There is no friendship or conversation here, but there is also a purchase. Recently, the Food Delivery Service has also been launched, which provides the accessories to third parties through third party vendors.

Now the company is preparing that users can send money to each other via Facebook.Although it is already a feature of sending money to Facebook Messenger, which is Limited.According to the report, Facebook will soon be testing the Red Evolution feature, where users can send money on this platform. Apart from this, there can be a second feature 'breaking news' and this will also start testing.

According to the report of The Next Web, both of these features have been reported by thesame portal. The breaking news tag can be released for news publishers, where news websites can make people aware about breaking news around Facebook.

According to a report by Rikode, Facebook has confirmed that the company is going to start the testing of breaking news feature in the near future. However, Facebook has refused to give more information about it. Along with this, the company has not said anything about the Red Planet nor has it refused.

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Recode has published the statement of a Facebook representative in which he has said, "Facebook always keeps testing the new product experiences, but this time it can not be talked of about this particular feature."

However, this has happened many times when Facebook eliminates some features during testing . So it is difficult to say how long these two features of Red Envelope and breaking news will come to Facebook. Bahalal Whatsapp will soon announce in India to bring digital payment service through UPI.

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