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Truckers, misguided by some leaders, suffering losses: Cabral

The Navhind Times 2017-11-10 00:00:00




Truck owners are being misguided by some leaders over the issue of ore transportation rate and are themselves incurring financial losses by not starting transportation, said Curchorem MLA Nilesh Cabral.

Cabral was speaking to media persons during a press conference held on Thursday in his office in the presence of Curchorem BJP block president Ashok Naik, secretary Rajendra Vast, South Goa spokesperson Ashish Karmali and Xeldem VP sarpanch Pramod Dessai.

Speaking about the rates of transportation, Cabral said that it would have been wise if transportation was started with Rs 12.50 rate which was reached at in the presence of Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar and the issue of rate of diesel could have been discussed later. He further said that if the season ends, the truck owners, not the mine owners, will be at a loss.

Cabral said that Parrikar has taken several initiatives like OTS scheme, reduced interest rates on loans taken from nationalised banks etc. He further admitted that he had sent his trucks to the Sesa Goa Vedanta’s Codli mine adding, “My intention was that once the transport started the truck owners will get benefit and the issue of rate of diesel could have been resolved afterwards.”

Cabral said that he and his party was criticised by Congress leaders during a meeting organised by Curchorem Congress block committee. Ex minister Domnick Fernandes had said that garbage treatment plant is not suitable for Curchorem.

He said, “I was surprised to hear his statement. The proposed GTP will be like the plant which is smoothly functioning at Calangute since last 14 months. Some say such a big plant is not required at Curchorem. I appealed them to suggest a small plant and I will support. But nobody comes forward. The garbage of only Sanguem, Dharbandora, Quepem and Canacona will come to this plant. The opposition had even raised this issue in last assembly election. But people shut their mouths by electing me with a huge margin.”

On the issue of houses in Pedamol-Shirvoi area, Cabral said that demolition notices have been issued to the persons who have constructed illegal houses in comunidade land at Pedamol adding, “We shall help the poor people to get stay from the court. I demand police inquiry into the matter to identify the persons who misled these people and sold plots.”