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Google Voice Experiments Show Off Assistant's Versatility

Android Headlines 2017-11-10 01:57:19

Google has launched an Experiments channel for voice-based creations, meant to show off the power and versatility of Google Assistant and the APIs that developers can use to extend its functionality. Harnessing the power of development tools like Actions On Google and the Dialogflow toolset, developers have crafted four different experiments to begin populating Google’s Voice Experiments page. Developers who create innovative and memorable Assistant actions and experiences can submit them to Google to be considered for inclusion on the page. The experiences largely rely only on audio, and are device-agnostic, working anywhere that Assistant can work, such as within the Chrome browser.

One of the experiments is Meme Buddy, created by Mike Bodge. It allows users to use their voices to create generic internet memes by asking Assistant to grab a starting image, then saying what text it should overlay. Another experiment, created by Nicole He and Googler rather than pop sensation Nick Jonas, is called Mystery Animal. This one makes Assistant assume the identity of an animal, and allows the user to try to guess what random animal Assistant has chosen by asking narrowing questions. A third experiment, called Story Speaker and created by Mike Lacher and Nicole He, can take a story written in Google Docs and bring it to life, giving it voiced reading courtesy of Assistant, along with interactive features. Finally, MixLab by Google Creative Lab allows anybody to just ask Assistant to play them a groove of some sort, and can layer them together. This can provide a great backing track for singing or playing instruments over to create a song.

Google Assistant is a powerful and highly extensible tool for developers to create voice experiences, a platform that currently sees Amazon’s Alexa as the dominant player. Google has rolled out various experiences of its own for Assistant, such as a recent batch of kid and family focused audio experiences, and now it seems the web giant has flung open the doors to allow developers and creators of all skill levels to begin leveraging Assistant in new, innovative, and imaginative ways, and to get those new experiences out to the public.