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3 Things that a Data Center Consists Of

TechSling Weblog 2017-11-10 02:20:50

Most people imagine that a data center is just an ordinary warehouse that has many computers. A data center is basically a facility where businesses keep their information. Such a center has so many Data center Infrastructure Products that are put in place to ensure that users can access information remotely without experiencing any kind of delay.

Quite often, the information that is stored in a data center is organized into databases of files and folders for various applications. A data center offers ease of access to information because of all the details that are stored in a central location. This also helps in cutting back on operational expenses.

The other advantage is that such centers are very safe. This is due to the fact that they have backup systems that can help in recovery of data after a disaster such as fire, hurricane and earthquake. On the other hand, setting up a data center is expensive. But the good thing is that you can have a virtual data center in the cloud. There are already businesses that provide this service at an affordable cost. Here is a list on some of the things that are found in a data center.

1. Servers

A typical data center has hundreds if not thousands of interconnected servers. The servers provide a platform for applications and websites to run on. This ensures that remote users can have access to information at the click of a button. The servers that are housed in a data center feature big hard disks to provide enough storage space. They also come with high capacity RAMs that can’t be compared with that of a PC. For instance, when you open an account on either Facebook or Twitter, your details are kept on such servers.

2. Electricity

Servers are designed to be powered by electricity. They, therefore, have to be connected to the national grid. In case there is a power outage, people will not be able to access information. In such a scenario, you can’t log into your email account or social media account. Such a problem is only remedied by ensuring that the servers don’t shut down at any given time.

A data center has power generators that swing into action when there is a power outage to provide an alternative energy source. In fact, the generators are switched on automatically. These generators are powered by diesel and can run for many days until normalcy resumes. The only downside is that these backup generators have to be refueled regularly to ensure they don’t run out of diesel.

3. Cooling Systems

The servers and generators that are found in a data center produce a lot of heat. This extreme heat can cause the servers to break down. As a matter of fact, servers are similar to computers. They actually react to overheating by shutting down. It is therefore, necessary to have dedicated cooling systems to ensure that there is no buildup of heat in the data center.

3 Things that a Data Center Consists Of