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In ABP-CSDS survey BJP will win 113-121 seats as the Congress will get 58-64 seats.

News Track 2017-11-10 10:53:00


NEW DELHI: A survey carried out by ABP-CSDS on Gujarat assembly polls has anticipated that the BJP will succeed 113-121 seats while the Congress will get a hold of 58-64 seats.

on the other hand, according to the second round of the poll performed in the last week of October, BJP's seat share is anticipated to decline harshly from the forecast made in August.

The second round of the poll survey performed by ABP News-Lokniti-CSDS in the state asserted the BJP would secure 47 per cent of the votes, down from 59 per cent in August, and the Congress would obtain 41 per cent votes, a gain of 12 per cent.

In the first round of its pre-election poll survey performed in the first half of August, the BJP was to the lead of the Congress by 30 per cent in terms of people's voting liking. But, the gain has come down to 6 per cent.

The survey set up much of the Congress revitalization taking place in two regions — Saurashtra-Kutch and North Gujarat.

In Saurashtra, the Congress and the BJP were close to be neck and neck at 42 per cent votes each and in North Gujarat, the Congress was to the fore of the BJP by 7 per cent. Both these regions jointly account for 107 seats, which is fighting fit over half the seats in the 182-member Gujarat assembly.

Congress seems to be in hitch in its traditional vice-like grip of Central Gujarat. The poll found the party to be straggling the BJP in this region by 16 per cent. South Gujarat too seems to be vacillation the BJP way for now. The survey set up the BJP to be securing 51 per cent of the votes here compared to the Congress's 33 per cent.