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Homemade remedies to avoid smog.

Kiran 2017-11-10 11:23:32

Homemade remedies to avoid harms of smog.

Smog is a poisonous smoke that completely pollutes the environment and in which it becomes very difficult to breathe. Nowadays, the city of Delhi is facing smog.

To avoid smog, if some home remedies are adopted, our health can be of great benefit.

  • The first step is to get rid of pollutants apply mustard oil in the nose with a finger and on outside of the nose .So that air could be filtered before entering our lungs.
  • The second solution is to eat black pepper in honey regularly, which will not cause cough in the lungs. Black pepper stops the cough producing.
  • The third solution is to use turmeric and garlic regularly, as they work both antibiotic, which makes our body immune system strong.

In addition, in your diet you should include things like ginger,basil, linseed ,lemon regularly.
From linseed and basil we also get fatty acids like omega 3.
With all these things our immune system gets strong and our lungs do not have cough because we are using honey and black pepper, then our lungs are completely safe .These home remedies equaly benefits to children and elders.
By doing all these measures, we can save ourselves from the toxic fumes of the smog to a large extent.

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