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Delhi Reaches 'SEVERE PLUS' Emergency Category In Pollution

SocialPost 2017-11-10 12:08:25

The situation of Delhi due to Pollution and fog has turned from worse to worst as it hit ‘severe plus’ or the emergency category of air pollution. Keeping in view the poor visibility and high levels of pollutants in the air, the Government issued a health advisory to the people of the Delhi. The Government urged people not to go for morning or evening walk for few days until the situations return to normal. Special instructions have been given for high-risk people such as children, elderly and those suffering from asthma and heart ailments etc. It is expected that the odd-even scheme for the vehicles would once again be implemented to reduce the vehicle traffic and its pollution. However, two-wheelers are supposed to be exempted from this rule. Delhi Metro has planned extra trips to help people travel safely during the fog conditions. MLAs Kapil Mishra and Manjinder Singh Sirsa have arranged a mask distribution camp at Connaught place.

The weather condition in Punjab has also deteriorated as well. The Punjab State Government has given holidays to school from November 9 to 11. Sports enthusiasts have complained that it is becoming difficult to breathe while practicing. Chief Minister of Punjab gave strict directions to the bus drivers as 10 people died in a road accident at Bathinda due to the widespread smog in the state.