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17 things you would rarely find in India these days

GQ 2017-11-10 17:32:12

Remember the good old days? Every generation has its own to cherish. Whichever one you belong to, you’ve often reminisced your childhood days and wished you could bring them back. Because honestly, as much as globalization and technological advancement has made our lives super convenient, there are certain things you wish you could bring back. Such as the time when owning a fountain pen decided your status in school or the times when you would wait eagerly for your holiday pictures to be developed and put into an album, after which the entire family would crowd around to leaf through them. Yes, those were the times my friend. What you wouldn’t give to re-live those days, right? But just to fulfil that nostalgia building up within you now, we have 17 photos that’ll give you a major throwback to a much simpler and blissful life.


Remember these? You were lucky if you got the balcony seat

Or these catridge console games, which were as good as your Play Stations

But this game ruled the rest, hands down

Typing took a lot of effort back then

So did writing on paper

Or even looking up a phone number for that matter

Stamps were something you regularly used and not just collected

And when you received a post card from your friend, you’d add the stamp to your collection

You had to wait for ages before you could see the pictures you’d clicked

And you’d probably travel on one of these to the nearest photo studio to get them developed

Your walkman used to be your life

Before the discman took over it’s place

But these beat the previous two any day

Before Google came along, you would worship the encyclopedia

Because how else would you know what a pager was?

Although these are more recent in your memory of old stuff…

We’re sure you’d agree they’re as rare as any of the pictures above

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