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Remove your stress by dancing or stooping!

kanchan chaudhary 2017-11-10 18:36:52

Do you like to dance? If so, then continue your habit. Just as the mind-brain keeps away from the happiness and tension after listening to the music, the dance has a positive effect on health. Some people feel shy, Some also avoid dancing because they don't know the ABCD of dance. Remove this fear from your mind. Try adding a dance class. Whatever dance you know, do it only. All kinds of dance benefits the body. By doing this you will be happy, you will be physically fit.

Dance A Therapy Image source google

Dance is a therapy. This makes the brain active. Nerves of the brain open If dance therapy is included in the routine, then there is a positive change in the mood you will feel.

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If you dance ten to fifteen minutes per day, the endorphin level is fine. It keeps stress and anxiety away. After dancing, it feels light, because it decreases calories. Dance improves the harmony between mind and body. Apart from this, the dancing makes the body flexible.

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According to a research done in Italy, those who suffer from heart related diseases should also be allowed to dance in their daily lives. There is no better way to keep the heart healthy. Dancing makes blood circulation well in the heart. Ball dancing can keep the heart healthy. It also helps in controlling blood pressure and cholesterol. Blood pressure is controlled. HDL cholesterol levels also improve.

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If you dance everyday, you can reduce 150 to 500 calories. Zumba dance is considered to be better for weight loss. If you do 60 minutes of this dance form, you can burn 400 to 600 calories. It causes stretching in muscles. Makes stomach muscles flexible, so that digestion works smoothly. Dancing improves the immune system. However, do dancing according to your fitness and physical ability.

Makes Bones Strong

If you add dance to your routine only through puberty, then there is protection against bone-related diseases at an increasing age. It cures osteoporosis. Controls the dance hormones. Prevents calcium from the bones to decrease. Dancing also strengthens bone joint.

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