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Apple confirms THE iPhone X is not “cold weather-proof”

BLR Eagle 2017-11-10 20:03:36

Apple confirms THE iPhone X is not “cold weather-proof”

November 10, 2017 by Vivek Sharma Leave a Comment

The iPhone X is waterproof and dust-proof, but apparently, not “winter-proof”

Apple’s new smartphone was released a week ago, and the complaints already started to literally break out.

From the R / IP subdirectory, we have discovered the phone screen blocks whenever the temperature drops sharply.

One of the first lucky possessors of the long-awaited device claims: “I noticed that my iPhone X does not respond as soon as I get out the door. Literally, two seconds after I exit from a building and I spend a little bit time in the freezing weather, my phone crashes. I try to swipe and swipe, but the system does not recognize my finger”.

Redditors confirmed the problem and claim this is actually very common

It seems that the temperature of 0 degrees Celsius is enough to over-touch the phone’s touchscreen. The problem is resolved by giving it a refresh of the iPhone, blocking it and then unlocking it.

Apple has officially recognized the problem and is ready to fix it: “We are aware of the cases where the iPhone X screen does not respond temporarily after suddenly switching to a cold environment. After a few seconds, the screen returns completely. This issue will be resolved by a future software update. ”