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XSEED MAX innovates in math & science teaching

Hans India 2017-11-10 21:57:00
  XSEED MAX innovates in math & science teaching
 Hyderabad: XSEED, a global K-8 learning company on Thursday announced that post the successful launch of XSEED MAX, an EdTech solution that delivers visibly better results in Math & Science for every child, it has been successful in driving innovation in way Math and Science are being taught in schools. 
Commenting on the success of XSEED MAX across schools, Ashish Rajpal, Founder & CEO, XSEED Education shared, “We could not be happier to make the announcement that more 10,000 students across India have signed up for XSEED MAX and successfully using it. Over a period of time,
we have recognized the challenges that students, teachers and school administrators have faced in adopting new EdTech products, and our mission was to make technology easy and fun to use.And the results are there for us to see. Children using XSEED MAX are just not watching digital content, but actively engaging with it, reflecting, and receiving assessment feedback. 
“Following the successful launch of XSEED MAX and to maximize the benefits to the schools and students alike, XSEED MAX is conducting a 20-city road show “The Next Generation of Digital Learning Leaders” MAX club meet in November and December to meet and engage with school administrators, teachers and Principals. The cities to be covered in November are Ghaziabad, Lucknow, Chennai, Jaipur, Coimbatore, Hyderabad, Pune, Mumbai and Delhi.  
MAX Club meet is a unique event, where senior school leaders will be interacting to discuss trends that are shaping the future of digital learning.  The meet is an exclusive ‘invite only’ event, which includes insights shared by MAX leaders, successful case studies and an understanding of the growing success of XSEED MAX.  XSEED MAX has shown visible improvement in student learning. Assessment tests reveal close to 80% improvement in overall Math & Science scores and a staggering 180% gain in problem solving ability.
There is also strong evidence that students remember and retain learning weeks after they have experienced the program. 
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