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The bold pictures of these two sisters are viral

bossnews 2017-11-10 23:11:22

This beautiful model of Tehelka on Instagram is a model and she has created her own identity in the world of modeling. People love her very much because she shares her beautiful photos from time to time on Instagram.

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These two sisters look the same and have the same passion. One is named Sahil Malik and the second is Ayushali Malik. Both have become quite viral on the Instagram.

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Sakshi Malik has more than 9 lakh follower on the Instagram, and around Ayodhya has 1.3 lakh followers.

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Sakshi Malik has many fan clubs and she also shares photos of witnesses. Both are very well-known models and are periodically seen in advertisements. The witness has also worked on the Bollywood album too.

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