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After Priyank’s Closeness With Benafsha, Divya Breaks Up With Him. Says ‘Sorry’.

Indi Lens 2017-11-10 23:19:40

Right from the time Priyank Sharma has re-entered Bigg Boss, he is in news. The recent gossip that’s going on is about his closeness with Benafsha Soonawala.

Last night, Priyank and Benafsha were discussing about people’s opinion with regards to their relationship in BB 11. Benafsha’s kiss to Priyank was a hot topic of discussion on social media today. Earlier, Priyank was in news for his proximity with Nikita Nagpal (His ex in the US), which didn’t go down well with Divya Agarwal (Priyank’s girlfriend).

Reacting to this, Divya said that she felt cheated and sought answers from Priyank. Even though he cleared the air that Nikita is just his childhood friend, Divya is in no mood to forgive him. However, this is not it! She has finally called it quits with Priyank after seeing his over-sweet behavior with Benafsha.

You heard that right! Divya has broken up with Priyank and she took to Twitter to say just 2 words i.e. “Sorry Priyank”. Here’s her tweet…


— Divya Agarwal (@Divya_Agarwal_) November 10, 2017

Well, Divya has finally cleared it off that she is in no mood to continue the relation further.

Confirming this breakup, Divya said,

“Firstly, why did Benafsha say ‘Forget about it, it will be bad for both of us’. In the previous episode Hina clearly said that Priyank’s ‘Jaan’ is in USA and now suddenly Priyanka and Benafsha are attracted towards each other. Secondly, Priyank said ‘I won’t have any problems outside but Benaf will.’ – I mean, Wow! Is he taking me for granted? He won’t have problems seriously? Priyank made it clear that he’s jealous of Luv because he is close to Benaf. I mean what more could I say here. Benaf said in the episode: “I am sure my love and your love outside will understand that ye sirf dosti hai”….. to which Priyank said: “I am not so sure, to be very honest” — which clearly means Priyank knows that I won’t be comfortable about this, yet he is participating in such conversations and asking Benaf ‘What do we call our relation and what not!”

She further added,

“Priyank is a nice guy and a lovely person to be with but I cannot adjust with such a person anymore. I cannot see myself getting hurt anymore. After today’s episode, I am fed up. I am a little orthodox but this is not fair. I feel cheated and I would like to end this right now.”


Fans were crazy for this jodi and now they have broken up, there’s going to be sheer disappointment. We are waiting for Priyank to react!


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