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Sequel:Amardeep pens lost Sikhs’ legacy in Pakistan

The Tribune 2017-11-11 01:03:02

Writer Amardeep Singh with his book ‘The Quest Continues’ (left) and ‘Lost Heritage’ at the Partition Museum in Amritsar on Friday. photo: vishal kumar

The Partition Museum under the aegis of the Arts and Literature Festival of Amritsar (ALFA) hosted a book launch of The Quest Continues – Lost Heritage: The Sikh Legacy in Pakistan by the Member of Parliament, Gurjit Singh Aujla. The book, written by Amardeep Singh, and titled “The Quest Continues – Lost Heritage: The Sikh Legacy in Pakistan” meticulously documents the tangible and intangible footprints of the Sikh legacy left behind during the partition. Through evocative photographs and writings that bear mute witness to these forgotten aspects of a proud and long Sikh legacy, the book invites readers to remember their heritage. This book is a sequel to his first book ‘Lost Heritage- the Sikh Legacy in Pakistan’, which came out in 2016 to much appreciation, and was based on travels to 36 towns and villages. The author then travelled to further 90 cities and villages for this sequel. He documents religious places, arts, architecture, forts, and living cultural aspects across all the provinces of Pakistan. The book also brings in the forts constructed by Hari Singh Nalwa, a sikh warrior. This was the fifth event organised under ALFA, which plans to continue hosting regular events related to the partition as well as the history and culture of Punjab. “Through the Arts and Literature Festival of Amritsar, we hope to continue to have regular discussions about the rich cultural heritage of Punjab.” said Museum CEO, Mallika Ahluwalia.

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