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No signboards put commuters to risk

The Tribune 2017-11-11 01:03:04
Sand bags being used as a safety measure on the Verka Chowk- Batala flyover in Amritsar. Photo: Sunil kumar

When it comes to taking precautions to ensure public safety or to warn people against the blind curves on roads especially where developments works are going on, neither the government agencies nor the contractors pay attention. A glaring example is the stretch of the new alternative road constructed to provide access to Verka Chowk from Batala road flyover side. On the name of safety, the contractor has kept only sand bags at a distance of around six feet from each other. The stretch is around 40 feet above the ground level and with no markings for drivers especially during night which is highly risky. The commuters on the road said warning signs should be installed to warn the drivers. The residents further said light reflectors and if possible the iron grills should be installed alongside the road. “Taking into consideration, the time taken by earlier such projects, we can believe that it will not be completed before six months. Under heavy fog during coming days, the commuters will be to risk. The sand bags will neither be visible nor they are in a position to hold the speedy vehicles,” said another resident, Jagtar Singh. The commuters on the stretch are already facing inconvenience as the work on flyovers on the bypass road has been going on. The area surrounding the Verka chowk witnesses traffic chaos all day as the provisions for U-turns have been blocked. The project of construction flyovers on the entire bypass road has already begun and work is presently going on at Verka chowk, Majitha chowk, Fatehgarh Churian Road and Ranjit Avenue point.

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