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Rs 5 crore goes down the drain annually

The Tribune 2017-11-11 02:17:00
Pedestrian paths still broken; Chandigarh Municipal Corporation to find out durable option
Paver blocks placed around a ditch in Sector 29, Chandigarh. Tribune Photo: Nitin Mittal

The Chandigarh Municipal Corporation spends around Rs 5 crore per annum on pedestrian paths by laying paver blocks, tiles or cobblestones. Now after several years, the civic body has realised that these are often found broken and it has now started finding out what is durable out of the three in a particular area. A committee will be formed that will make a policy in this regard and put it up in the General House meeting for approval. Councillor Shakti Parkash Devshali, chairman of the Road Committee, which supervises theses works, said: “Councillors had raised the issue of these getting broken early in the last House meeting. So, it was told to MC engineers to lay paver blocks where there is a vehicular traffic and lay tiles where the path is only used for walking purpose. They were told to study what was required in a village, colony or sector and then bring a policy to the House.” The Municipal Corporation spends about Rs 4 crore to Rs 5 crore every year on this work. Separate fund is spent by the UT Administration for this on main roads, including V-3 and highways. However, paver blocks are often found broken in various parts of the city despite the fact the work is simultaneously on. “It is a sheer wastage of public money. Firstly, due to these blocks rainwater does not reach the soil. Secondly, once installed, there is no maintenance of these blocks. If a single tile comes out, all others start following suit,” said Hitesh Puri, Vice-Chairman, Federation of Sectors Welfare Association Chandigarh. Meanwhile, Chief Engineer NP Sharma said: “We are going to put up a file before the commissioner and then form a committee to decide whether tiles, paver block or cobblestones are to be laid in a particular area.”

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