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Sweety kicks out Bollywood bounty?

Andhra Headlines 2017-11-11 13:15:14
Sweety Anushka is known for her powerful roles. She left all stunned with her powerful performances in Arundhati, Vedam,Panchakshari, Rudramadevi and Baahubali. She is now starring in Bhaagamati. 
After her powerful performance in Rajamouli's Baahubali, offers started flooding her from B-Town. But now it is coming out that Anushka kicked out a golden Bollywood bounty. 
Inside talk is Karan Johar who presented Baahubali in Bollywood planned to cast Anushka in a powerful special role in his upcoming project. But much to his shock she rejected the role citing dates problem. Earlier Prabhas rejected Karan Johar's offer by demanding a whopping Rs 20crs. Rumours are spreading that Prabhas and Anushka doesn't want to work separately in B-Town. 
Anushka erlier refused Imtiaz Ali's film too citing that she didn't want to be just a prop in the film. The film Tamasha which saw Deepika Padukone enter in place of Anusha failed at the box office. 
A source shares “Karan was keen on casting Anushka in one of his projects, but she didn’t find the role adequate enough for her. She rejected Tamasha for similar reasons as well. And yes, there are speculations that she may have consulted Prabhas before refusing the film,”