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Jihane Chagraoui: Fashionista opens up about her inspiration, challenges, goals and drive

Pulse 2017-11-11 09:05:20

Jihane, a style consultant, is without a doubt a rising force in the lifestyle industry in Africa and indeed the world

Pulse Ghana gets interactive with one of the biggest names in fashion and lifestyle blogging, Jihane Chagraoui of - reputed for her distinct reportage in the field of beauty and fashion.

Jihane, also a style consultant, is without a doubt a rising force in the lifestyle industry in Africa and indeed the world.

She opens up about some of the challenges she faces, her goals and the most relevant virtue; her drive.


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Jihane attributes the genesis of her interest in fashion blogging to her passion for anything that deals with appearances and outlooks.

"I have always loved fashion from day-one. My passion for fashion and matters of beauty have been strong because I love to see pretty ladies look good and charming in whatever they wear. Over the years, I have always given my friends and family members my opinion on what they should wear and what they shouldn’t wear. So with all this interest, love and more, I decided to put my technical know-how in this onto my blog – hence the start of," she says.


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Like any other field of work, the fashion journalism industry is fraught with challenges. "As a positive minded person, I try so hard not to encounter any form of ‘challenge’," she says. "But as humans we one way or the other come across even an iota of hiccups, and mine so far has been to convince the ladies on what to wear. I always like to play with clothes, colors and whatnot – but getting some ladies (especially the new clients) to come to terms on a first time can be challenging. Getting a lady who already has what to wear in her mind can be a bit tough changing that mind to what you feel would look trendier and more fashionable on her."


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Is fashion blogging a lucrative occupation in Africa? Especially considering the conception that people rarely put much effort in their looks as a result of seeing the business of fashio as a relative trivialty?  "It is arguable on whether or not people down here put in much into their look or not," Jihane weighs in. "But we cannot deny the fact that looking good is paramount in our daily lives because fashion is part of our daily routine. As to if fashion blogging is lucrative – yes it is. Now most people pay huge to be talked about. Fashion and beauty brands pay us huge sums to talk and advertise their brands on our platforms. As I have always said, 'Africa is the next stop!' Believe me that with the advent of how the fashion and beauty world is going, more fashion bloggers would emerge."


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How do people handle Jihane's criticism of their fashion 'errors'? Is it not a subjective and sensitive business? "Sincerely, some of them don’t accept criticism in good faith and this can be hurting as opinions are important; and for me I only push ahead because I owe the public the duty to be credible."


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"The info I want to give is all about the knowledge on fashion issues inside of me," says Jihane. "I want to give all I know about color, trends, what to eat to be in shape to suit the outfit, what not to wear considering ones height, shape, event, etc."

She also explains that becoming acquainted with fashion language and technicalities is her priority. "I read a lot, I educate myself at every given time, I take up courses in and out of Africa so that I can be updated as well as update others who have entrusted their faith into my hands as well as consult me on fashion and beauty related subjects."


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"Anybody can be a fashionista," Jihane concedes. "But to be a fashion blogger, you need an eye, the technical know-how to try updating people on what is and what is not. Being a fashionista is a plus in regards to the fashion blogging passion. For me, aside being a fashionista, my duty is to put up on my platform that the public (women especially) can go there and pick one or two lessons on matters related to fashion and beauty."


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Jihane is hopeful of building significantly on her success; hopeful that she wold have impacted countless more lives in the next five years. "I believe that I was born to see other people happy," she begins. "I want to help ladies in Ghana dress and look exquisite. I want to see that our Red Carpets look extraordinary. I want to assist people get help, fashion wise with designs from Ghana." she stated.