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Does it mean that you have bought Alibak for superstar

Vino world 2017-11-12 17:38:00

Jayant Patil MLC, angry with acting actor Shahrukh Khan, said, "You may be a superstar. Does that mean that you have bought Alibak for that? "

Jayant Patil MLC stunned by actor Shahrukh's action, "You may be a superstar. Does that mean that you have bought Alibak for that? "

Shahrukh's birthday
Alibag beach near Raigad is one of the famous tourist attractions of the city. There are plenty of farm houses here for film personalities and entrepreneurs. The public invasion of the Alibag beach in weekends.

In this situation, the farmers and workers' party general secretary Jayanth Patil arrived at the 'Gateway of India' to travel to Alibag on a boat from Mumbai on the 3rd. Another boat was parked for actor Shahrukh Khan in the boat field.

Jayant Patil is a rhetoric
This delayed the departure of the Jayanth Patil's boat. Additionally, as the audience surrounded actor Shahrukh Khan, he could not climb the boat at a specified time. Thus, Jayant Patil MLC, who was angry, released a video condemning actor Shahrukh Khan.

"You can be a superstar. Does it mean that you have purchased Alibag? Without my permission, you can not step in Alibag. " This video was released on social networks and news channels and caused great strokes.

Wait patience
Moreover, Shahrukh Khan's fans fainted on social networks against Jayant Patil. Thus, this issue was taken by Vishwaroopam. In this context, Jayanth Patil MLC explained the whole incident. Interviewed a news channel. He said: -

A lot of fans gathered in the 'Gateway of India' to see Shahrukh Khan. He also watched the fans. There were some police officers for his security. I wait patiently for awhile. However, Shahrukh's boat does not seem to leave there.

Shah Rukh Khan
After seeing me, the police did nothing. This made me very angry. Immediately he went to Shahrukh, and I was questioned by him. I am also a fan of Shahrukh Khan. However, the event that happened on that day is not correct. Supermarkets may have police protection. That does not mean that others should be affected.

Thus, Jayant Patil MLC. Said.

It is noteworthy that actor Shahrukh Khan celebrated his 52th birthday in Alibag.

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