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YouTube partners with Ticketmaster to promote tickets for live shows below artists’ videos

Indi Lens 2017-11-14 19:59:18

While Spotify, Apple Music, and similar audio-streaming services are popular conduits for finding new (and old) music, YouTube is often the first port-of-call for those partial to a little visual stimulation to go with their tunes.

YouTube, it is fair to say, is a major destination for music fans around the world, and as such the Google-owned video platform will now help promote live gigs related to artists’ videos posted on YouTube.

Starting from today, YouTube will surface U.S. tour dates for “hundreds of artists” directly below YouTube videos. As the video streams, users can tap “view upcoming shows” and scroll through all their scheduled live performances. If they want to buy a ticket, however, they will be whisked off to Ticketmaster’s website to complete the purchase.

Above: YouTube: Ticketmaster

It’s worth stressing here that this doesn’t mean that tickets will be available next to any video related to an artist on YouTube — those grainy fan-shot skits won’t also be used to sell tickets to the next gig on a tour. This new feature will only be available on an artist’s official music video.

This tie-up makes a huge amount of sense, and it’s far slicker than the current setup that involves an artist having to manually post a link to their ticket page in the notes below a video.

“At YouTube, we understand the importance of helping artists find ways to build deeper connections with their fans — the ones who not only watch and listen to videos, but are also willing to pay to see live performances,” YouTube noted in a blog post. “And, with live concerts becoming a bigger driver of revenue for artists, we want to help artists reach those fans, keep them updated about upcoming shows, and sell more tickets.”

For now, this new feature is only available to artists with upcoming gigs in North America, though there are plans to expand it internationally.