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This is the world's most awkward poor shoes and slippers designs, would you like to wear them?

Haryana live 2017-12-02 13:50:38

Friends, whatever things are done in the present world, they are prepared by the designer like clothes, shoes and things in our daily use. But many of these designers design things which are not meant to be understood by any ordinary human being. You may also have seen many shoes or sandal designs which you will always remember about them. Today, we have taken photographs of some of the same strange shoe shoes and designs of sandal, which will tell you that there is such a shoe or sandal.

Look at the shoes given below, it looks like the nails are torn out and pulled out. Will you be able to travel by wearing such concerts standing on a city bus. Can a woman wear such a sandal and walk on foot? Amazing brother is also the designer of these conjured slippers. If you see these shoes in the dark, then it will be the same, when they are moving, then people just keep thinking about their gathering.

Image Copyright: Google