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This is the most dangerous creature of the whole world, eliminate all the city from one drop of poison

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If you are one of those people who love walking around. So you people do not know that there is a dangerous creature like stones between the stones in these beaches. Anyone who can kill anyone with some blubber poisoning.

This creature is known in the world as the 'Stone Stone of the Stone'. They are mostly found in the surrounding marine areas of the Capricorn. These fish look like beautiful stones in appearance. For this reason people do not recognize it. And they have lost their lives.

Stone fish is such a creature that if you put a foot on it, then this creature immediately leaves its poison with its sting immediately. And if you keep the weight on the sting of it more than winning, it puts as much poison in your body. And if this is not treated immediately, then you may have to cut your leg too.

If one drop is so powerful of the poison that if it is accidentally found in drinking water in the city, then all the people of that city will be killed.

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