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4 people who died horrible while taking selfies

AJNEWSEXPRESS 2017-12-02 14:43:06

Friends in today's world the craze of taking selfies increasing day by day.Its good to take selfies only If you are going with it on a certain limit but sometimes people become so much excited while taking selfies so that they start taking it in fatal way and this lead them to death also many a times.

Today we are going to tell you about 4 peoples who died while taking selfies.

1.Anna ursu

In may 2015,Anna ursu a french went to a Aussie station to take a special selfie to post on a facebook. And she started taking selfies on the terrace of train,unfortunately her leg got stucked into electrical wires surrounding the areas as a result 27000 volt current passed from her body causing her to burst into flames and she was just 18 years old.

2.Sylwia rachel

In 2014 a nursing student from Holland died while attempting to take selfie on a bridge.Peoples who were watching her said that she was taking mad selfies while standing on bridge wires as a result her leg slipped she got fell into deep lake and police were unable to found her body.

3.Xenia ignatywia

Xenia was a professional photographer From Italy but she did not knew it that her own passion is going to kill her.In Nov 2016 Xenia brought a DSLR camera on her birthday and started taking selfies on a high bridge but she fell and tried to grab electric wires as a result 15000 volt current passed from her body and she was dead right at that moment.

4.Ramon gonalfez

Roman was a rapper who while visiting his family on new York died while taking selfies on his bike.he actually lost his balance and people said that he was taking selfies at the same time when he was riding a bike over a speed of 120 was said that this accident was so horrible that roman's head was found 80 m away from his body.

So friends in end we wanted to tell you that ya its good to take selfies but please take it in a certain limit.Because if you Dont care about yourself that does not mean others also Dont care about you,always think about your families while doing this dumb things.

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