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What is Net neutrality? What are the laws for it?

News Track 2017-12-05 08:50:00

What is Net neutrality? What are the laws for it?

In favor of Net Neutrality,  on Tuesday, the recommendation of TRAI has been made clear that every citizen has equal rights on the Internet. Now telecom companies will not be able to discriminate in giving internet to all websites and services from the same speed. That is, during the use of internet service and website, companies will not be able to reduce or increase net speed. 

Net neutrality means Internet neutrality. This is a principle under which internet service provider companies treat all the data equally on the Internet. That is, companies in the Internet service in any country do not intentionally obstruct the contents of any website by blocking the speed of the block or net.

The University of Columbia University's Media Law Professor Tim Wooen has created the Net Neutrality Term. He first used this term in 2003. At that time this terminology was used for the telephone system.  

There is no law regarding the situation in  India for net neutrality. After the recommendation of TRAI, the law will now be enacted so that telecom companies can not make their arbitrariness. The internet will become the fundamental right of the law as soon as the law is created. 

Chile has made the law first in the year 2010 on net neutrality. There is also law on net neutrality in the Netherlands. South Korea made laws on Net Nutrition in 2012. The law was enacted in the United States in 2015 on Net Nutrition. However, at this time, the US is planning to withdraw the Net Nutrality law. The regulators of the Federal Communications Commission recently gave signals about this. 

In December last year, Airtel had talked about internet calling for 3G users. After this, net nutrality debates in India got caught up. In January this year, TRAI sought the opinion on net neutrality from consumers by bringing a consultation paper. Consumers' opinions were asked on 20 questions. Consumers were asked questions related to WhatSap, Snapchat, Facebook Messenger etc. And now TRAI has given its recommendation. 

The organization of the Net Companies has welcomed TRAI's decision. IAMI says it is a progressive and practical recommendation. At the same time, the CoAAI, the organization of telecom companies, described TRAI's recommendation as a narrow-minded one. 


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