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This is Google's gift for those who write Hindi

News Track 2017-12-05 10:03:00

This is Google's gift for those who write Hindi

Those who work in the Hindi language have been given a new gift from Google. Google has now provided more than 40 fonts from Unicode. Google is making these fonts absolutely free. These fonts can be easily used. This will also save time. 

Previously, bloggers, teachers or publishers who used non-Unicode had to face considerable difficulty. After typing in fonts such as Kritidev, there was a lot of difficulty in converting. It also took a lot of time. 

For many fonts, money had to be paid too. In such a way, these free Unicode fonts from Google, especially for writers and journalists, solve the many problems together.

Apart from this, according to the report, Google is launching a new Android app soon. These apps will save your data from being ruined. Through this app, users will know where their data is being lost, how and how much is being wasted. Which app is eating the most data from users? The name of this new app from Google is Datally. Although this app is not yet launched, Google will soon launch it for Android users.

Apart from this, Google is currently offering six months worth of Netflix on the purchase of a Samsung Chromebook Plus, a Chromebook Pro, or a Google Pixelbook. Conditions do apply, though. For one, you will be limited to a mid-tier plan which gives you the ability to stream the service on two screens at a time, reported.

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