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This is the boldest actress of Bengali films, see photos

Baap of Khabar 2017-12-05 11:44:09

Today we are going to show you pictures of one of the actors of the Bengali film industry's top-rated actress. The name of this beautiful actress is taken in the top-level actresses of the Bengal Film Industry. If you do not spend your time, let's go to those pictures. The name of this beautiful actress of Bengali films is Pooja Bose. It does not agree with Calcutta His name is Pooja Banerjee. It is an actress and a beautiful model as well. Actor Puja was born on 6 February 1987 in Calcutta. Actor Puja has acted in films like Telugu, Bengali, Nepali, and Hindi. Apart from all this, actress Pooja has also acted in many serials of small screens. The beauty of this beautiful actress of Calcutta has many divas. Actress Pooja does not care about her fitness anymore. Actress Pooja had a small screen with a big screen Debut. Actor Pooja First Time was seen playing the role of Radha in the film 'Story of Mahabharata', which was broadcast on Ninex in 2008. Actress Pooja had a debut from the Telugu language film 'Vid Thadra' on the big screen. If you like this picture of actress Pooja Banerjee, please do not forget to follow us by clicking the Like Like Share and Follow button. And your comment on these beautiful pictures of actress worship and share your opinion with everyone.

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