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Lost girl was found by police using Google Maps

Tech crew 2017-12-05 13:25:51


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Last Wednesday a seven-year-old girl came to attend a family wedding in south Delhi's Malviya Nagar from Meerut lost her parents after the wedding was over. Actually, she was playing with other kids in the wedding while her parents were busy in the wedding. Somehow she managed to come out of the wedding and lost her way back to her parents and their she started crying but by luck, she was spotted by police constable Vikram, who later took her to nearest police station Malviya Nagar police station.

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DCP (south) Romil Baaniya told that "the child was unable to tell us from where she belongs to and didn't know about her village too and she just said that she had come to a wedding with her parents, further they told that girl also told that duration of her journey took them four hours to reach Delhi.

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Soon the information was then shared with respective police stations to ensure that whether her parents have lodged a complaint regarding this with any nearby police station. After getting some hints cops had an idea that Meerut could be the city from where the girl had boarded the bus. then using google maps and as per child's suggestion, cops get to know that she belongs from Kol village, 44 km from Meerut.

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