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Google celebrates 50 years of kids programming languages with first ever coding Doodle

Hindi All Indian 2017-12-05 14:21:54

Hindi All Indian News :- Doodle today celebrates the programming language for children to 50. Doodle says "we celebrate fifty years of coding for kids with" Coding for Carrot. "Presented in the form of interactive games, Quoted from Indobos website You program and help at 6 levels in a quest to collect food by placing an encoding code based on the Scratch programming language for children.

Like Logos, Scratch was developed at MIT and built on Papert's early ideas about children and computers. It's designed to be less intimidating than ordinary programming languages, but just as powerful and expressive.

The programming of children on the computer must have sounded futuristic and impractical in the 1960s when the Logo was first created. In fact, even in the 1980s when I wrote my first line of code, my working class parents questioned how coding would benefit their nine-year-old daughter.

Today, computers are used almost in every aspect of our lives. We have it at home, at work, and in our pockets. My initial experience with computers gave me confidence that I could create with new technology, not just interact with them.

That initial experience not only affected my career path, but gave me a new way to express my ideas and influence to the world around me.

After working as an engineer at Google for some time now I work at Scratch Team at MIT, where we focus on developing new ways for children to express themselves creatively through coding.

With Scratch, kids can create their own stories, games, and animated animations, using the coding block as it was in today's Doodle on its 50th anniversary Language Programming For Kids. They can also share in online communities with millions of other children around the world.

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