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Fidaa Actress Says Producer Tried To Rape Her 2017-12-05 14:12:24

Casting Couch, a phenomenon that goes like offer-in-a-film for sex, is not quite rampant in India film industries, say industry people. But after Hollywood's Harvey Weinstein episode stunned the world, many Indian actresses are opening up, saying #MeToo.

Young actress Gayathri Gupta has shot to fame with the friend role of Sai Pallavi she has done in "Fidaa" movie. While she got acclaim for the short role inside the super successful Sekhar Kammula film, the actress says it isn't a cakewalk in Telugu Film Industry.

"Earlier when I was offered a film, I've clearly stated them that I can't give any commitments like sleeping with producer/director or having sex with them for this role. While they said there is nothing such, it didn't go well as time passed. They started telling me that they will offer money for a night. Though I've cleared that I don't want to earn money or fame by losing self-respect, they started forcing me" she reveals, not with a broken heart, but confident that she didn't bend for any such offers or threats.

She adds, "One day on the pretext of dropping me home, the producer acted as if his car broke-down for real en route home and took me to his house. He tried to pull my clothes and rape me, which I averted and left the place. Later I've opted out of that film".

However, it is the closing line from the actress that stuns anyone. "I fill fight against exploitation, and I feel that the producer tried to force me because some females have already agreed to his demands. So we need to check that as well" she concludes.