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Mangaluru: Prajakeeya’s MPs, MLAs will work with general public - Upendra

daijiworld 2017-12-05 05:30:00

Pics: Spoorthi Ullal

Daijiworld Media Network - Mangaluru (ANK)

Mangaluru, Dec 5: Spearheading Prajakeeya, a new political outfit, well known actor-director Upendra said that he is striving hard to bring in a political system where MLAs and MPs would serve the constituency with full dedication and commitment and work for the citizens of the country.

Addressing media at the press club here on Tuesday, December 5, Upendra said, "As a citizen, I wanted certain changes in the system and people also demand the same for which I created a platform. There are a few basic needs which have to fulfilled by the government we elect. Crores of rupees are being spent on campaigning for elections. This has to be stopped. Politics has turned into business,”

“The newly launched political outfit Prajakeeya aims to bring in a system where the elected MLAs and MPs would serve the constituency with complete commitment. They will move along with the general public and be one among them. We should all hope for this aim to be realized,” he added.

When queried about communal violence in the name of religion, moral policing in coastal Karnataka, Upendra said, “When you are true, you do not need religion. Presently, we are in a situation where it is difficult to speak truth. We need religion in our hearts, and not in our deeds when living in the society,”

He further said, “You can see people in Delhi complaining about pollution. Our state is not far from that. There are several problems which have to be discussed such as health, education and roads, but we are quiet and not bothered about society. We tend to forget that, even if are rich, we need to live in this society or travel on dilapidated roads, observe drainage blocks and so on,”

On queries of how Prajakeeya would tackle issues, Upendra said, "There are many issues which should be discussed step by step. There are hospitals, but no doctors. People have to walk long way for treatments. Why? There are insurance schemes that really do not reach the beneficiaries. If we provide education and health facility for free, the there will be no scope for corruption,”

On leading the party alone, Upendra said, “Someone has to take some action. Everyone has different problems, views and solutions. I do not believe in gathering crowds by distributing money. We should come out from that mindset. I do not want 20% of people who create violence, but welcome 80% of people who have ideas, and who want to work with commitment and dedication. This world is not static as negative and positive should go parallel. I am trying to field 224 candidates who will work like chief ministers for their regions. I want MLAs and MPs to be one among the general public and stay connected with people and their problems. Looking at smallest issues, we will bring out a micro level manifesto. Everyone is welcome with plans and eligibility to execute it. For candidates, we have introduced Prajakeeya app where they can fill applications,”

“I have made movies on the political system in India. I have condemned the actions of politicians in my films. But in reality did nothing about it, and this would haunt me. This is my first step to convert what I did in movies into reality. I want one election throughout the state as this would help in good work flow and communication,” he said.

When queried about the performance of the central and state government, Upendra said, "Narendra Modi led government has done a good job. Siddaramaiah led state government too has done an excellent job. No politician comes with a motive to destroy a country or a state. Hence, all have done a good job,”

On the response to Prajakeeya, Upendra said, "So far, the response has been good for Prajakeeya party. The process of finalizing the candidates is on. We will finish it within January 2018.”