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Top 3 Hottest Hollywood Actresses

All Bollywood news 2017-12-05 16:16:30

1. Alexandra Daddario

Amazing eyes, sexy figures with 5’8 height, Alexandra Daddario top our list of hottest Hollywood actresses of 2017.

Alexandra is of Italian, English, Czech, and Irish descent. She’s one of the most beautiful actresses in the world as will as the most beautiful women in the world today.

2. Chloe Grace Moretz

Deep eyes, sharp nose and beautiful lips are the sharpest features that define Chloe’s hot personality.

The actresses is born in 1997 in Atlanta to nurse and surgeon parents respectively. Other than having attractive features, her greatest quality is her height, is 5’4. Chloe’s first appearance was in The Guardian, though her biggest yet most famous role was in The Amityville Horror.

Kick ass, Kick ass 2 and The Hunger Games are the most famous movies of hers. The young actress continues to aspire her following.

3. Emmy Rossum

The Day after Tomorrow, The Phantom of the Opera, Dragonball: Evolution are the movies Miss Rossum is best known for.

This dazzling and glaring actress is often the focus of youth all over the world. Rossum’s body shape is what every woman wants to adapt in.


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