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TFI actors secret support to YSRCP?

Andhra Headlines 2017-12-05 23:24:03
Amaravati: The link between Tollywood film circles and political parties runs deeper than we can fathom. Further its open secret that a majority of celebrities from the Telugu industry are TDP supporters. 
But here comes news that could raise many eyebrows. Two big Tollywood celebrities are rendering their wholehearted support to opposition YSRCP.
Reports are that they are secretly supporting Jagan and are even pumping advises to Jagan about his etiquette and public mannerisms and also topics Jagan should talk in some meetings. However, they are doing this after ensuring their names are not leaked out as it could put them in bad light especially in the eyes of TDP. We wonder how it could actually help them. Any guesses on who they could be?