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12 Dolls That Look Nothing Like Your Childhood Barbie

Pop Sugar 2017-12-06 16:35:10

Dressing up and beautifying our beloved dolls was a huge part of our childhood. While we learned how to primp and pamper from our toys, that devotion to Barbie taught us a lot about society's strict beauty standards (blond hair, blue eyes, hourglass frame). Luckily, a lot has changed since our youth! Not only have we realized those goals were completely unrealistic, but so have toy makers. Many of them have decided to toss the unattainable beauty standards and give dolls a real-girl makeover — something that older women can appreciate and young girls of all shapes, sizes, and colors can truly look up to. When it comes to everything from stretch marks to finally being able to kick off those stiletto heels, these dolls are giving the world something real to play with!