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She Left Her Husband After 2 Years Of Marriage, When She Returned, He Discovered Something Very Shocking

allindiaroundup 2017-12-06 18:58:44

She Left Her Husband After Two Years Of Marriage, He Discovered Something Very Shocking About Her When She Returned

December 6, 2017 by Saicharan Palakurthi Leave a Comment

A shocking incident took place in Uttar Pradesh’s Agra. Atul Garg, a man who works at Balkeshwar Colony accused his wife Arti Yadav alias Simran of fraud and cheating. Atul claimed that his wife had run away with all the jewelry, cash and valuables in the house after two months of their marriage.

The worried husband also alleged that Arti eloped with her ex-boyfriend and has also got married to the ex while she was still married to him. As per him, Arti even filed a false case of dowry harassment against him after she ran away from the house with her lover. Countering her far claims, he has now filed a complaint against her, her father and her new husband in New Agra police station and submitted the pictures of her second wedding and her dance video clip with her second husband in the police station.

Coming back to the inception of the story, Atul actually met Simran for the first time in 2012 when he worked in the management department of a coaching center in Agra. The duo had an affair for two years after which they got married in January 2014 in the presence of their family members. According to Garg, he bore the entire cost of the wedding.

Talking about the financial status of Arti, Atul added that he used to support Arti’s family as her parents were unprivileged. Soon after few months of marriage, she started fighting with him on the petty issues and when he refused to give money to her she would threaten him that she would complain about him to the police.

The story took a wide turn in April this year when the couple went to a friend’s wedding party and according to Garg, they had a great time. But soon after she went to her father’s house. She came back home demanding 77 thousand rupees to buy a plot for her father. Though Atul refused giving money to her, he ended up giving her 6 thousand cash and the rest in cheque just because she pressurized him.

In the following day, when he was at work she called him and asked him to come home by 3 in the noon for lunch. And soon after he returned, there was no one in the house and all the valuables were missing. When he called her she said that she doesn’t want to live with him. But, after two years, she returned and shockingly filed a case of dowry harassment against him.

Atul was then called to the police station where the police refused to file a complaint. As if this was not enough, the wife also started pressurizing him to give her 10 lakh rupees quoting that she will take down the case only then.

Later in October, he got the news that she had married someone and was living with him in the same house. But one day she suddenly came to Garg’s office and told him that she was ready to come back to him if he agreed to separate from his family and live in a rented apartment. With this appeal from his wife, he turned suspicious and started recording her calls and messages as evidence.

However, the investigation has proved out that she had married some Sanjay Kadam who was apparently her ex-boyfriend. Sanjay was a divorcee since 2014. Apparently, the duo had an affair even before Garg met Simran. But after Sanjay got married, he broke off with Simran after which she married Garg.

Well, that’s an amazing story in which the husband was brilliantly bewitched, poor lad.