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Some New Features In WhatsApp

JD Xpres 2017-12-07 00:35:27

WhatsApp users are now very modern Apart from using WhatsApp alone, some friends or colleagues have opened a group. Even the WhatsApp app Many of the benefits of using the WhatsApp group. Those who use it, they know.

And do not know who they do not know. You will be able to understand yourself. However, WhatsApp is coming up with new features every day for users. This new messaging app comes with Facebook's popular messaging app for Facebook users. 

1) You can see yourself if any other member of the group is reading your message. For this, go to the group chat. Hold the message that you have sent there and hold on it. After that check the info. With this you will see when a member has read your message.

2) Want to move away from the management of the group's management? But delete the group, do not want to? Then administer another member of the group from the 'make group admin' option. After that, exit group yourself.

3) Want to delete all the groups in the group? Hold on the message that you want to delete. Select more than one. Then click on the delete option.

4) Want to delete a group permanently? First of all, you must be the group's admin. After that all members of the group must first be removed from the group. If you exit the group then your group will be permanently deleted.

5) You can silence or silence any WhatsApp group for 8 hours, 1 week or 1 year. Making silence means that you will not get a pop up message that will be posted in the group.

6) From the 'starred message' option in WhatsApp, you can mark an important message with a star mark.

7) Do you want to pick a special message from the list of long-term messages in the group? It does not have to be too much. Please enter any keyword keyword message from the search options in chat. Then you will get it.