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Oozing Love in the Marriage Hall itself - Shruti Haasan's Romance with her London Boyfriend - See these Photos and enjoy their Love making

AP Herald 2017-12-07 08:03:00
Shruti Haasan may not have the best of the times in her professional career. But, her personal life is just too good for her. She seems to be getting too intimate with her long-term boyfriend Michael Corsale. Recently, they were seen together at a wedding function.

We already shared photos of Shruti's London Boyfriend in our Indian Traditional costume. Now, in the wedding hall, more than the bride and the groom, it was Shruti Haasan and her boyfriend Michael who grabbed the attention. They were Oozing romance all over.

Shruti Haasan was seen making some fun moments with Michael and the couple were having a gala time together. They make a lovely couple. Their Selfies and their funny expressions grabbed everyone's eyeballs gathered in the Marriage hall. Shruti Haasan's father Kamal Haasan was also present at the event.

Now, take a look at some of the funny and romantic moments shared by Shruti Haasan and her boyfriend Michael Corsale from the event. We are sure, they would make you feel romantic all over again!