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IPL: Dhoni's 'homecoming' will be clear, malignant player

Superior 2017-12-07 09:39:40


       However, speculation about the return of Mahendra Singh Dhoni's Chennai SuperKing team was being held for a long time, but it is almost clear from the IPL Governing Council meeting that it will be part of Chennai SuperKing in 2018. A team can also be given an opportunity to retain their 5 players. 

              The meeting of the Governing Council (COA) formed by the Supreme Court was also attended by the IPL governing council meeting. In this meeting, discussions have been discussed to increase the expenditure of the team expenditure.

              Apart from this, the expenses incurred for the purchase of players have also been increased from Rs 66 crores to Rs 80 crores.  At the same time, salaries of uncapped players (who have not played international cricket) can also be increased. 

                 BCCI Working Secretary Amitabh Chaudhary said in the statement after the meeting, "The IPL franchisee team can retain five cricketers under both the writings and 'right to match'. 

Players will have the rule to retain applicable:

                Rumors spread over the rules of retaining players from the past have finally stopped. In the meeting of the IPL governing council, it was clarified that for any IPL 2018, any team can retain their three players, while the other two players will have the right to 'Right to match'. Right to match can prove to be crucial to any team at the time when the player is billed, the team can move the card and add that player to the bidding with the amount of the bid.

              Everyone knows that due to the ban due to IPL spot-fixing, Chennai Super Kings and Rajasthan Royals did not play in 2016 and 2017, they have come back. While the journey for the Gujarat Lions and the Rising Pune Superjoint that has participated in the IPL for the last two years has ended. 

Some other special things: 

1-The salary cap for the IPL 2018 has been increased from 66 crores to 80 crores. While IPL will be 82 crores for 2019 and 85 crores for 2020.

2-If a team retains three players, then the player will be able to get 15 crores. While the second and third players will get 11 and seven crore respectively.

3-If the team only retains two players, then it will pay 12.5 million rupees to the first and 8.5 crore rupees to the other.

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