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Jagan on no one will remain in YSRCP!

Andhra Headlines 2017-12-07 12:05:27
Amaravati: Senior journalist KSR interviewed opposition leader Jagan. He fielded several questions to Jagan. On TDP's criticism about no one would remain before 2019 elections in YSR Congress party, Jagan's reply is share worthy.
He said that Chandrababu Naidu is of the opinion that the party will die if a person or two or a leader or an MLA exits from the party. He said it is foolish thinking from someone in the like of Chief Minister.
Jagan recalled that when party was started in 2011 there was no one other than him representing the Pulivendula. Jagan said that other than his mother and rest of the 174 constituencies were vacant. He said party was fortunate to get God's blessings later on in 2014. Jagan added that people should work to remain in the good books of people and that nothing can change people's love. 
Jagan said its surprising that instead of pointing out the mistakes of defection TDP pro media has been trumpeting these as CBN's victory. 
Honestly TDP people should tell if TDP is alive or dead in Telangana. Then the same would apply to YSRCP in AP, no?