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Gujarat poll survey predicts BJP's win, Cong lags far behind

Eenadu India 2017-12-07 12:30:56

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Ahmedabad: With the much awaited Gujarat polls beginning on Saturday, BJP seems to have cornered the Congress party yet again if the Times Now-Votersmood Research (VMR) survey is to be believed. As per the survey, BJP is likely to win anywhere between 106-116 seats compared to arch rival Congress which has been predicted of winning anywhere between 63-73 seats in the upcoming assembly polls.

Though, the opinion poll predicts lesser number of seats for the BJP compared to its target of 150, there must be some sense of respite among the party members considering the fact that PM Modi's image which is at stake in his home state is likely to be successfully restored.

While for the Congress, despite galvanising itself with the caste groups, nothing fruitful appears from Gujarat which indicates that the grand alliance with Hardik-Alpesh-Jignesh hasn't worked for the Congress that seeks to gain foothold in the state.

The result of the survey is based on a total of 6,000 interviews that were conducted at 684 polling booths across all four socio-economic regions of the poll bound state. The survey that has a margin of +-3% error was done between November 23-30, 2017.