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Beauty Benefits of Rice Water

News Crab 2017-12-07 13:21:55

People consume several healthy items to keep fit and healthy as it helps to get rid of several diseases. Everyone knows about the benefits of rice but nobody knows about benefit of rice water. Rice water is very beneficial for body as well as for skin.

Protein in rice water

Rice water contains protein, vitamins and antioxidants in abundant amount.  It provides moisture to the skin and even the color of skin gets glowing. When you apply rice water, facial scars and wrinkles gets reduced.

Beneficial for hair

Rice water is beneficial for skin as well as hair. If you are troubled by the problem of hairfall, then wash hair with rice water. Washing hair with rice water provides shine to the hair. Apply rice water on your hair and leave it for 20 minutes. Later, wash it with shampoo and conditioner. Do this once in a week, you will soon see the benefit.