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The Mughal Emperor Who Turns To Be Siva Bhakta

SocialPost 2017-12-07 13:47:26

No one owes an explanation or an answer to anyone for why they believe in a particular religion or God or faith system. It is purely a personal choice and personal right. But people in public life when reveal their personal choices/preferences to public to attract or benefit from such revelations, naturally everyone would ask certain uncomfortable questions about why they were so silent about their faith system so long and how a true Siva bhakta can allow the coinage of the term – Hindu terror and make the then Prime Minister Manmohan Singh who belongs to the party of the Siva bhakta to say that Muslims alone have the first right over natural resources etc.

The question of Meenakshi Lekhi asking the neo-Siva bhakta about his views in building Ram temple in Ayodhya as Ram was also a Siva Bhakta is quite pertinent. Addition of more amusement and pun to the entire discourse has come from the Great Manishankar Iyear. Mr. Manishankar Iyear has said that in Mughal dynasty when the throne was transferred from one generation to another, there was no election. It means, son of the king is indeed the next king and Manishankar Iyer has beautifully redefined the dynast to Aurangzeb.

What surprises millions of Indian is that how come the Aurangzeb, the last emperor of Mughal dynasty to become Siva Bhakta?

The irony is that when Manishankar Iyer takes the party to Mughal dynasty period, the dynast takes his mission to Bhakti era. Most of the refugees of the dynasty are making a comedy of errors that certainly entertains the people but would bring tragic political results to the party.

Competition and aggression shown by several leaders in defending the coronation of the dynast prove nothing but how selfish they have become to cliff hang onto power and position. The question is will the youths of the present generation ever accept the coronation of the merit-less to lead the country? Time alone can prove how many regional parties are going to come into the payroll of the dynast to get them led by the dynast in 2019 election?

Entertainment for Indian electorates is not yet over as those in the payroll of the dynast are going to fall into twin dilemma of defending the meritless dynast and opposing the brilliant people-centric policies of Modiji.

By invoking the Mughal dynasty, the party men have only increased their chance of failure and not a success. Reason for why many are competing to chant the dynast mantra so loudly can be explained in several ways. Smart people can run the show smoothly as long as the boss is stupid and dependent on them. Another possible reason may be that they also want to promote their dynasty, therefore, they have to prepare the ground first.

When one looks at all the melodramas as a neutral person, it sickens and saddens as why people in the party go after the dynasty instead of setting clear agenda to communicate to people.

Lord Siva would have certainly surprised at the sudden revelation of the dynast that the dynast is a Siva Bhakta.

Hope Lord Siva may bless the bhakta but people of India, especially the youths are not going to bless the bhakta because they see too little and too late of wisdom in the dynast.

Like how the Kali has transformed Mahakavi Kalidasa, the Lord Siva should transform the dynast to be wise and support the people-centric governances and NEW INDIA initiatives of Modiji.