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Gujarat Polls - Kya Hoga "Rama" Re

Andhra Headlines 2017-12-07 21:01:37
New Delhi: " People will believe a lie because they want to believe it's true, or because they are afraid it might be true".
A Close Fight between the BJP and the Congress  in which "Modi" might come out winner in Gujarat, says opinion polls.
Congress would retain its existing seats and, surprisingly,to some extent might do well.
What is interesting is that since 2014 in all elections BJP was setting the agenda, while Congress was responding.
But, in Gujarat scene appeared to be on the reverse...
It's Rahul, the new found politician in him, is setting the agenda and holding his nerves, of all the people, Modi is responding to him.
It appears nervousness written all over, for the BJP that Modi had to script his campaign speeches seeking recourse on statements of a little known Maharashtra Congress leader challenging Rahul's elevation as the President of the AICC.
More importantly, Modi had to discard his Vikas plank and rely on the age old practice of BJP, that it always excelled in,  by pacing his articulation around Ram temple politics...
..A signal that the best election spin master is on the back foot against sudden found exuberance of a Pappu in politics.
Most importantly, Congress managed to draw the attention of BJP to more on  targeting Rahul Gandhi, a politically irrelevant, by forcing it to deviate from its Vikas plank...and other rhetoric that Modi is well versed with.
Thus, Congress appeared to have scored some political points,  making opinion polls to change their predictions drastically, to, now, predict that it is going to be a close contest.
The poll predictions turn around from cake walk win to BJP to close fight situation within weeks.
The opinion polls predict a change in the direction of the mood of the people, which is more against the ruling party.
The polls predict an all round disenchantment among the voters. But, will it turn out into an anger is conjecture, but reflects a change of mood.
First time in the long history of Gujarat politics, the BJP finds itself on slippery soil and is compelled to defend than attack the opposition.
It's going to be a Close contest because, the Congress despite sensing best opportunity, somehow, lacked the strategy to turn on the events in the last lap of the campaign.
The statements of Manishankar Ayyar equating dynasty politics with that of Mughal Dynasty and Kapil Sibal's arguments on Babri issue during the hearing in SC all appear to be setbacks to the campaign that went well till the other day.
Let us cross our fingers and see how many seats Congress can get than to know by how much majority the BJP would retain the power, since it is expected to win...
The interesting point would be if congress performs well more than what it has now, then a narrative would be built that  Modi failed to make Gujarat Congress free and with questions on his ability on how will he make the Barath a Congress Mukth Desh.
Such a scenario would also be a reflection of waning popularity of Modi which might give breather for opposition parties to come together to restore some of their relevance in the run up to the 2019 elections.
But, let me not stick my head, since I am not in the thick of things to assess what is exactly the mood of Gujarat.
But one thing is certainly noticed in the BJP campaign that it had forced to shed its Jumla type rhetoric and rely upon its forte of Hindutva politics....
At least, on that Front, the Congress did well, notwithstanding, whether, it would win Gujarat.
 Kya hoga Raja Re, only BJP's Ram Jaane.