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Mind-blowing: 63 Guinness recorder earns extra fame after carrying live horse on his back

Pulse 2017-12-07 16:32:12

Dmytro Khaladzhi carried a live horse on his back and moved with it without the horse either hurting him or weighing him down.


A Ukrainian strong man who reportedly holds 63 Guinness records and is equally the champion of the 1st championship of the Ukrainian Drug-free Powerlifting Federation, in the bench-press category, has done another unimaginable thing that may earn him another record. reports that Dmytro Khaladzhi amazingly without the horse either hurting him or weighing him down.

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Reports further suggest that the 38-year-old Dmytro Khaladzhi has done many extraordinary things in the past, some of which earned him the Guinness records. He is on record to have made trucks ride over him, bent steel rods with his teeth and driven nails through wood with the palm of his hand among others.

However, his live horse lifting has reportedly earned him extra fame in Ukraine and probably beyond its borders.

What makes Dmytro Khaladzhi’s prowess mind-blowing is the fact that unlike others, he does his stuff mostly without hard drugs.